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2024 Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin 1kg

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2024 Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin 1kg

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2024 Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coin 1kg


A long running silver series trusted by investors around the globe, the annual Australian Kookaburra includes a magnificent 1 kilo coin which in 2024 features a design that will amaze many.

Key features:

  • 99.99% pure silver
  • 2024 kookaburra design
  • Special ‘P125’ anniversary mintmark
  • Australian legal tender
  • Authentication feature
  • Hungry bird

    Famed for its raucous laughing call, the kookaburra is heard across Australia – from the outback to the back yard. And while it may be adept at snatching food from your barbeque or picnic table, the kookaburra enjoys a varied menu in the wild – insects, earthworms, frogs, fish, mice, or even venomous snakes! Grabbing a snake with its large bill, the kookaburra generally bludgeons its prey to death before feeding.

    2024 kookaburra design

    The coin portrays a beady-eyed kookaburra in flight over a gorge with a snake in its talons. As well as the inscription ‘KOOKABURRA’, the design includes the coin’s weight, purity, 2024 year-date, and a ‘P125’ mintmark signifying The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary.

    The coin’s obverse depicts the Dan Thorne effigy of His Majesty King Charles III, and the monetary denomination.

    Authentication feature

    The coin incorporates an authentication feature on the reverse. In the form of a micro-laser engraved letter, it is only detectable under a magnifying glass.


Additional information

Weight 1510 g

Perth Mint

Metal Weight


Multiple unit

Box of 10

Special Condition

Kilo coins incur an extra shipping cost

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