Can I store my purchases with Bullion Now?

Bullion Now offers a range of storage options to help you securely invest in bullion.
We offer premium private storage boxes that we cannot access without you, as well as individualised secure storage within our vaults.
We also offer our Allocated, Pool Allocated and Unallocated programs which are protected by the same security as our private vaults, but designed to reduce or eliminate storage costs.

How can I access my storage?

Your vault is located on our premises, protected by our security and insurance. You are welcome to visit during business hours without appointment and we will provide you access to the contents your vault.

What are the storage options available?

Bullion Now offers a variety of storage options to suit your needs and preferences.
We offer premium private storage boxes that cannot be accessed without you, as well as individualised secure storage within our vaults. You are welcome to store any personal valuables (excluding cash, weapons or illegal items) along with your bullion purchases.

Our Allocated option provides you with free storage to allow you to combine shipping and save on shipping fees. Our Pool Allocated program bundles reduced premiums and discounted storage into one low cost option and our Unallocated program eliminates shipping and storage fees altogether.  Our storage options are suitable for compliance with self-managed superfund regulations, allowing you to conveniently purchase and vault your precious metals without transporting or shipping costs.

Storage at Bullion Now offers more than security for your bullion. If we are storing your metal, you can conveniently sell your bullion without having to arrange shipping or transporting it to us. Simply send us an email when you wish to sell, and we can facilitate the buyback for you.

What is the Allocated program?

Our Allocated program is a free option that allows us to reward our regular clients with free storage and the opportunity to save on shipping. Any retail product can be Allocated if you select this option in store or at the checkout online. Once your purchase is Allocated, it is placed securely into an individual vault with your name on it.
You can then collect your Allocated during business hours or request a combined shipping invoice when you are ready to take possession of your purchases.
Allocated also makes buybacks simple, as you only need to send an email to sell your Allocated, saving you time and expense transporting bullion to us.

What is the Pool Allocated program?

Pool Allocated reduces premiums and storage fees and is especially convenient and cost effective for bulk purchases, which can be complicated to store and expensive to transport.
Pool Allocated allows you to buy and store monster boxes, tubes and rolls or bundle storage with gold products, with convenience and great savings. There is a select range of products that are part of the Pool Allocated program, which you simply add to your shopping cart.

What is the Unallocated program?

The Unallocated program allows you to purchase bullion without having to purchase retail products or consider storage, allowing you to purchase as close to the spot price as possible. You only need to add Unallocated items to your shopping cart to purchase, and email to sell.

What are the benefits of Unallocated?

Unallocated offers unbeatable flexibility and value. Conveniently bought and sold online, saving on retail premiums and eliminating storage fees are clear benefits of buying Unallocated.
The ability to buy small increments over time and save up to purchase a physical bar is another benefit of the Unallocated program, as you can buy Unallocated gold a few grams at a time, minimising your exposure to market fluctuations, and when you have saved enough, you can ‘redeem’ your individual grams to buy a larger sized bar. You could also purchase silver a few ounces at a time and redeem for larger sized bars.

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