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Goldback Utah 1 Note

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This item is very delicate – please purchase separately from bullion products to avoid damage. This item cannot be stored at Bullion Now and must be picked up or shipped (special reduced rate).

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Goldback Utah 1 Note

Goldbacks attract GST.  Please order Goldbacks separately from other products.  These products cannot be stored at Bullion Now and must be shipped or picked up in store.


Prudentiae (Prudence)

The Utah Goldback Series begins with the 1 Goldback Design, and it is loaded with different symbols and cultural nods. The virtue Prudentiae, or Prudence, is featured here as a Native American woman, having many items and attributes traditionally attributed to coming from each of the five most prominent Native American tribes in Utah, namely: the Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone, and the Navajo. Prudence is seated on a sandstone rock next to an ancient bristle-cone pine tree (one of the longest lived trees in the world), nodding to the throne that Prudence is traditionally seated upon, an elevated status as a virtue from which many virtues claim their origin, and the wisdom learned through the ages.

She is gazing into a mirror held in one hand, symbolizing perspective, learning from experience and using hindsight. On her other wrist is a copper bracelet in the form of a snake, representing the struggle of trials as well as using wisdom to make choices. At her feet is a chipmunk, suggesting the preparations that they make each year ahead of winter as a symbol of prudence through preparedness. The wolf is next to her, calling out to all who listen to use prudence, and how the use of gold is a keystone to an economy, just how the wolves of Yellowstone are keystone predators, and the removal of either has shown a deterioration of their surroundings. The footing: “Deal Prudently” can also be found in the bottom right corner of the artwork. Finally, in the background Bryce Canyon National Park’s Natural Bridge formation is shown with Canada geese flying in formation.

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