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Buy Back Gold Cast Bar 2.5oz

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Our Buy Back 2 1/2oz gold is perfect for the purists out there who adhere to the belief that “gold is gold!”

As the name suggests, they are pre-owned bars that have been bought back from customers (tested for weight and purity of course!), so the brand and condition will vary according to what we have on the day.

Think of it like a lucky dip. You might receive something almost new from a well known brand or you might get something older from a lesser known mint/refiner. But whatever you get, you’re guaranteed its 2 1/2oz of 99.99% gold. It’s that simple!

As we never know what is going to come through the door, we cannot take requests for specific brands. Inquiries asking what brands we have in the buy back section may go unanswered due to time constraints.

Again, just think of it like a lucky dip!


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 mm
Metal Weight


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