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2023 Germania Mint Silver Rune Uruz Cast Bar 1oz

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2023 Germania Mint Silver Rune Uruz Cast Bar 1oz

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2023 Germania Mint Silver Rune Uruz Cast Bar 1oz

Germania Mint presents the Runes – cast collectible bars, made of 999.9 silver, marked with an individual number and mint mark. Each Rune is ennobled with a magical color, which reveals itself only when illuminated with a UV torch. A Certificate of Authenticity and minimalist packaging complete the Rune both as a collector’s item and as an ideal gift.

The runic alphabet (Elder Futhark) is a script once used by Germanic peoples. According to beliefs, the god Odin sacrificed his life to receive knowledge of runic magic so he could share it with others.

The alphabet, which consists of 24 characters called runes, was carved in various materials: wood, bone, metal, and most often in stone. Each rune has a specific sound and meaning.

Uruz Rune

The Uruz Rune is seen as a positive sign, indicating strength, energy and vitality.

It signifies the need to use one’s inner power to overcome difficulties and achieve goals.

It represents the power to create and destroy, as well as the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. It is also associated with physical and mental health and well-being, as well as with the natural world.

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