2021 Royal Mint Robin Hood Gold Coin - 1oz


Centuries after his tales were first told around British campfires and hearths, The Royal Mint is celebrating the legendary hero Robin Hood with the 2021 Royal Mint Robin Hood 1oz Gold Coin.

The iconic character, who famously stole from the rich to give to the poor, appears on the first coin in a new bullion collection inspired by myth and legend. The hero of folklore will soon be followed by two more coins inspired by the tale, featuring the courageous heroine Maid Marian and Robin Hood’s trusted companion Little John.

Passed along through the oral traditions of the time, stories of this heroic rebel have been spread far and wide since the fourteenth century. Robin Hood was often described as a great archer, and Jody Clark’s depiction of the character features him hidden amongst the branches of Sherwood Forest, poised with a bow and arrow ready for action.

Struck in 9999 fine gold, each one ounce coin is finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard.


  • The first release in an exciting new bullion coin collection “Myths & Legends”.
  • Each coin contains one troy ounce of 9999 fine gold
  • Struck to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard
  • Features a modern interpretation of Robin Hood by Jody Clark

These coins do not come with capsules.

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