Bullion Now offers a full complement of services to assist our clients, including buying, selling, self-managed superannuation support and vaulting.  Whether you are an experienced investor or considering making your first purchase, our experienced team offers genuine guidance individually tailored to all clients. 

Bullion Now offers our clients a range of gold, silver and platinum group bullion grade products from internationally recognised mints, as well a range of collectable numismatic items.

Investment grade products range in size from fractions of an ounce, to grams, to kilos. Bars may be cast or feature minted designs and presented loose or in Certicards, while coins may be legal tender or generic ‘rounds’ and sold loose or in display capsules, in tubes, rolls, or in ‘monster boxes.’ Such details are reflected in a difference in the retail prices between similar products and comprise what is commonly referred to as the ‘premium’.

The premium paid does not generally influence the buyback value of bullion products, as retail products are assayed at bullion grade value (commonly referred to as the ‘chart’ or ‘metal’ or ‘spot’ price), which remains the same across the range of products. Bullion Now offers the opportunity to purchase bullion through our low premium product range and our Unallocated, Pool Allocated and Allocated programs, as alternatives to high retail premium options.

We encourage you to visit our showroom, explore our website and contact us for assistance in selecting which products or programs are best suited to your needs and interests.

Live pricing on our website allows our customers to purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have a showroom located in the heart of Melbourne CBD financial district where we welcome you to visit during business hours. No appointment is necessary.

Bullion Now stocks the most popular items requested for superfunds, and the purchase process is no different to individual orders. You can buy in store or online, take advantage of our alternative programs and have your order shipped or stored at the same rates as non-superfund purchases. All we require is additional account details as outlined in the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

There are no minimums or maximums. Bullion Now does not place a limit on how much you can purchase, and our unallocated programs allow you to purchase as small as 1 gram.

If you are purchasing for your self-managed superfund or transacting over $5,000 per day, your account will need to comply with our Identification policies. 

Bullion Now will ask you to provide identification, such as a Driver’s License or Passport in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) if you purchase $5,000 or more per day, regardless if the order is online or in store. Please see our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy for more information. If you are ordering in the name of a business or Self-Managed Superfund, you also need to provide the details as explained in KYC policy.

When ordering online you will need to provide your name and address as they appear on your identification, regardless of the value of your order, as security to ensure only you receive your order; will need to verify your ID matches the name on the order when you come in to collect, or if we are shipping to you, Australia Post will need to verify your ID matches the name on the parcel to allow you to collect your parcel.

If you are purchasing in person, you may choose not to provide your personal details if your purchase total is less than $5,000 per day.

If your items are in stock and you visit our showroom, you are welcome to collect your purchase at the time of cleared payment. If we need to order your item, we will contact you when your order arrives, and you can choose to collect in person or arrange for delivery or storage. Generally, orders can take up to 7 business days to arrive, and you are always welcome to contact us to check stock availability prior to ordering.   


Payment is required to clear into our account within 2 business days of confirming your order, via one of our Payment Methods.

For orders over $15,000 a deposit of 2.5% of the total purchase amount MAY be required within 1 hour of order confirmation. We will contact you we deem this necessary.

Bullion Now also reserves the right to request a $250 deposit for all orders under $15,000. 

We accept bank deposits, RTGS and cash in our showroom. 

We do not accept cheques, either personal or bank cheques. PayPal is available, but only on orders placed on this website, we cannot accept PayPal in store.

Yes, but if you cancel your order your deposit will not be refunded and your order will be subject to our Market Loss policy; that is, you will be liable for any difference between the value based on the spot price of the metal at the time of placing your order, and the value at the time of cancellation (market loss). Market losses may exceed the deposit you have paid. Any market gains will be forfeit. You may also be charged a cancellation fee. Failure to pay the market loss will result in the amount owed being sent for collection.


Yes. We ship domestically (Australia) and internationally.

In the shopping cart and checkout section, the website will automatically calculate (based on weight) the amount needed to be charged for shipping. There may be times when the online store will not do this e.g a very heavy package or a website bug. If an amount is not given, please contact us at, let us know what you’re ordering and in what quantity and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a shipping fee.

Your order will be registered with a tracking number, insured, and require your signature to collect, so please ensure your order details match your identification. 

We can send to your home, to your P.O Box or even to your workplace. Your payment must be cleared, and we need to receive any required identification documents before your order is sent to you.

We offer delivery rates based on the weight of your order. 

Within Australia, delivery costs for parcels under 500g are $17.50, parcels between 500g-3kg are $25 and parcels 3kg-5kg are $30. 

Internationally, charges start from $35 and increase from there based on weight. Please understand that shipping internationally is more expensive for us than the ship domestically. We have done our best to minimise the shipping costs as mush as possible.

NOTE: International customers are responsible for any import duties/taxes charged by 3rd parties.

To help you save on delivery costs, Bullion Now offers our customers free temporary storage to allow you to build your order over time. Provided you are making regular purchases you can request combined delivery through the Temporary Free Storage program.  


Yes. We offer a range of storage options to help you securely invest in bullion. We offer private secure storage boxes, temporary free storage and other options which are designed to reduce or eliminate storage costs.

Your purchases are stored in our vault, located on our premises, protected by our security and insurance. You are welcome to visit during business hours without an appointment and we can provide you access to your holdings.

Bullion Now offers a variety of storage options to suit your needs and preferences: 

1. Private storage, that even we cannot access without your key. With this option you are welcome to store any personal valuables, excluding cash, weapons or illegal items.

2. We have a 3 month free storage (with rollover feature) option to allow you to build orders for combined shipping and save on delivery fees. 

3. Our Unallocated program allows you to purchase bullion without needing to arrange shipping or storage.  Please contact us for more information or pricing.

Storage at Bullion Now offers more than security. If we are storing your metal, you can conveniently sell your bullion without having to arrange delivery or transporting it to us. Our storage options are suitable for compliance with self-managed superfund regulations, allowing you to conveniently purchase and store without transporting or shipping costs.

Please contact us for more information or pricing. To open a storage account, you will need to provide identification as outlined in the identification guidelines.


Selling your bullion is easy. Simply come into our showroom with your metal and provide your identification. We will test the metal with technology that does not damage the metal and takes less than a minute.

You can either provide your bank details for a same day transfer of payment, or we can offer you cash if you prefer. For large buybacks that will take longer to test, or if you require cash payments over $5,000, we encourage you to contact us so we can prepare space and resources prior to your arrival.

If your bullion is stored with us and we have your permission to access your vault or if you are selling Unallocated, you can request a buyback in an email or phone call. Buy back prices are locked in during business hours only. We will confirm the buy back price ASAP after receiving your correspondence.

If you are interstate and would like to send your metal to us, please contact us to discuss how we can help you sell your bullion.

We always buy back any products that we sell, and we also buy gold and silver bullion that is assayed with the mint, weight and bullion grade purity clearly stamped and verified with testing. Bullion metal that tests determine are a lesser weight or purity than the assay are considered as scrap. Bars or coins that are misshapen, defaced or clipped are also considered scrap. Bullion Now does not purchase scrap or jewellery but welcome you to contact us for reputable referrals. We are able to buy back some numismatic items and platinum group metals on application.

Yes, we pay 100% of spot price! To our knowledge, thats the best in the business. There are a few caveats, so see below.

GOLD: We pay 100% of spot for up to a combined weight of 10oz per person, per day. The individual size of each bar/coin can not be larger than 100g. Buying individual items larger than 100g will be at a % below spot price, set at Bullion Now’s discretion on the day.

SILVER: We pay 100% of spot for up to a combined weight of 20kg per person, per day. The individual size of each bar/coin can not be larger than 100oz. Buying individual items larger than 100oz will be at a % below spot price, set at Bullion Now’s discretion on the day. 

For prices on all other sizes, or for platinum group metals please contact us. We do not pay extra or less based on tarnishing, red spots, brand names or collectability factors.

We pay cash for buybacks under $5,000, subject to availability.  EFT is the default method of payment for all other buybacks, however cash can be arranged upon request.  Payment cannot be made to a foreign bank accounts.


In addition to traditional storage and retail purchases, Bullion Now offers a range of alternative options to help tailor bullion investments to your preferences. Our Allocated program rewards regular investors with free storage and the opportunity to save on shipping, while our Pool Allocated reduces premiums and storage fees for bulk purchases and our Unallocated offers unbeatable flexibility and value.

The Temporary Free Storage program is for those who make regular purchases and wish to save on shipping and storage costs. Any retail product can be stored free for up to 3 months by selecting this option in store or in the online checkout procedure.

ROLLOVER: If you purchase again within your 3 month window, your 3 months free storage starts again from the date of the new purchase.

The Pool Allocated option is for those who prefer to purchase physical bullion products but have no preference for any particular retail products, or for individualised storage, and are looking to purchase in bulk. There is a select range of products that are part of the Pool Allocated program, which you simply add to your shopping cart.

Storage and transport of bulk purchases can be complex and expensive. Pool Allocated allows you to buy and store monster boxes, tubes and rolls or bundle storage with gold products, with convenience and great savings.

The Unallocated program allows you to purchase bullion without having to purchase retail products or consider storage, allowing you to purchase as close to the spot price as possible. 

For a detailed explanation of the features and benefits, please watch the following YouTube videos we created:

Conveniently bought and sold online, saving on retail premiums and eliminating storage fees are clear benefits of buying Unallocated. The ability to buy small increments over time, building up to a purchase of a physical bar is a less obvious benefit of the Unallocated program that makes it useful for those who ultimately prefer to purchase physical products: for example, you can buy Unallocated gold a few grams at a time, minimising your exposure to market fluctuations, and when you have saved enough, you can ‘redeem’ your individual grams to buy a larger sized bar.


If you are purchasing in person, we do not require photo identification from you if your purchase total is less than $5,000 per day.

Bullion Now will ask you to provide government issued photo identification (Driver’s Licence, Passport, etc) in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act) when you purchase $5,000 or more per day.

We require I.D also when you open a storage or Unallocated account.

Bullion Now will ask to sight I.D when you collect an order, as an added measure of security for your purchase. 

We require identification for all buy backs from customers, regardless of $ amount.

Your personal information is stored with the same security that protects our bullion and will be securely destroyed after seven years.

If you are visiting our showroom, we can create a copy from any original document for you. Alternatively, you can email a certified copy of a valid form of identification to or send your documents by registered post to Suite 605 Level 6, 227 Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000.

If you are purchasing for your self-managed superfund or for a company, please contact  for a complete list of required documents.

The desire of gold is not for gold.
It is for the means of freedom.
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